Anschutz 1782 review

Anschutz 1782 review

Purity and quality - classically blued.

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Securely mated to the stock for outstanding shooting performance. Sturdy and resistant to heat and cold. Highly-precise surfaces that display elegance in design and allow the bolt to slide internally without any resistance. Hard-chromed bolt, fine-ground for silky-soft repeating.

anschutz 1782 review

Two-row six locking lugs - a reliable, stable detail for the highest level of safety. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber and the recessed muzzle. Many new models are incorporating the latest technology in manufacturing.

Every stock rewards the senses, all are unique and distinctive. The rubber butt pad absorbs the recoil and holds the rifle securely in the shoulder when aiming.

Convenient handling of the magazine as a result of the handy magazine base. The magazine, which is located safely and securely in the magazine guide, is particularly easy to remove. Slight pressure with your index finger on the magazine release lever and the magazine slides out of the magazine guide! Fast Release! Item Nr. Home About Us Help You're not logged in. Tools Miscellaneous. Trigger Group Parts.

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Anschutz Classic Stock Select Caliber Description Reviews. Magazine 3-Shot, Model Cal. Magazine 3-Shot, Model Cal. Magazine 5-Shot, Model Cal.

Anschutz Model "1770" .223 Rifle

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Riding off the back of that rifle aesthetics thread, has anyone seen or handled one of these?

KG - Latest information. I handled one at the Northern Shooting Show last year, really solid feel and nice action. I've got a couple of. I would have been tempted by a in 6. At that money, I would look at Schultz and Larsen. I would give Anschutz the edge just on triggers but that is about it. Ease of cleaning, quality of finish, metal parts, depth of blueing, those amazing cut rifled barrels, lovely ergonomics, awesome mounting options with both quality rails and their own brilliant lightweight steel rings.

The Schultz wins most catagories for me. Handle as many as you can. Yes, good point that CottisI've not had an opportunity to pick either up. I have an Anschutz rimmy with a thumbhole stock and it is just superb so would hope this would be similar. My main concern would actually be knocking them about, which I guess makes that CTR option more attractive again. But then I'm a sucker for beautiful things So that's full circle.

Tough decisions these. It is a tool. A dinged walnut stock is much nice to hold than a dinged synth. Having said that, if you will shoot lots in inclement weather, I would go synth.

I think it is quite good if reviews are to be believed. Best of all worlds maybe. Oh fair weather stalking for me if I can help it! All or nothing. The 17 series Anschutz rifles are extremely good, I've got the and and did have thethey are some of the best I've had, not cheap and to be honest, the wood isn't particularly exciting, even in the "extra wood" models.Last year at SHOT Show, we noticed bolt-action hunting rifle market trending toward ultra-light mountain rigs.

That shift continues this year with substantial interest and investment in ultra-light backcountry rifles, with some long-range options and modularity functionality in the mix. These are the new hunting rifles we sniffed out, many of which are innovative, interesting, and just plain cool. Here are a dozen new rifles that caught our eye, in no particular order.

With a bold move into the bolt-action rifle world, Benelli announced Tuesday their brand-new Lupoa super-adjustable, futuristic hunting rifle. Lupo is Italian for wolf. Featuring a variety of cutting-edge features and modes of adjustment, you can configure the shims and spacers to exactly fit your physique and shooting style. Finger reach is adjustable, as is trigger-pull weight. The matte blued barrel is cryo-treated and free-floating, and sports a three-shot sub-MOA guarantee.

Barrel length is 22 inches for standard calibers and 24 inches for magnum calibers. The black synthetic stock is adjustable for length of pull, cheek weld, drop, and cast. An alloy chassis supports the action and barrel in the stock. The 5-round detachable box-style magazine is double-stack and radically shaped, and smoothly forms the lower body section of the receiver area.

The tang safety is tactile and crisp. Initial chamberings include.

ANSCHÜTZ 1770 Review

This new hunting rifle from SIG is radical in every good sense of the word. The company is calling it a precision bolt-action hunting rifle. As a super-light member of the modular, tactical-inspired rifle family, the Cross will initially be chambered in 6.

More on that later. Black and camo finishes are available.

anschutz 1782 review

The rifle weighs in at 6. A two-stage match grade trigger rounds out the package. SIG has not yet announced a price for this. The new Anschutz rifle is beautiful in a classic European way, and the walnut stock smelled wonderfully of linseed oil. The rifle combines traditional good looks with modern innovation and design, including a solid-steel milled action complete with an integrated Picatinny rail, sliding safety catch, and six-lug bolt.

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The bolt lift is degrees. The barrel is threaded for suppressor or muzzle device, and the detachable 3-round steel magazine is dropped via a release nicely integrated into the trigger guard.Sorry, we don't carry that brand.

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This Anschultz is a bolt action rifle chambered in. It has a beautiful walnut heartwood stock with deeply infused oils to provide an extra layer of weather protection.

This rifle is the perfect option for predator and small game hunting with the quality and precision that more than a few Olympic gold medal winners have come to trust. An exceptional rifle; performance with a classic look. EuroOptic, Ltd N. All rights reserved. In an effort to better protect your personal account information we are requiring stronger passwords. Shop by Brands View All Brands. Shop All Scopes.

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Shop All Binoculars. Shop All Featured Binoculars. Shop All Featured Monoculars. Shop All Featured Binocular Accessories. Shop All Firearms. Shop All Featured Rifles. Shop All Featured Rifle Accessories.Given a cursory glance, the appeared to bear some resemblance to thebut a thorough examination revealed the basic design is entirely different.

A lot of changes were necessary to make it a switch-barrel job. Instead of being cylindrical the matte black anodized receiver of the is a massive slab-sided affair made of high strength aluminium alloy. It has a length of mm to handle standard length cartridges, and its rounded top is drilled and tapped for standard scope mounts as well as a picatinny rail which Anchutz furnishes especially for the rifle.

A large dished section on the left side is probably to lighten the action as well as to relieve the monotony of a long flat sidewall.

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In Anschutz introduced their first new rifle action in 30 years. This formed the heart of a handsome, superbly accurate centrefire sporter in. At that time I wondered how long it would be before the gun morphed into a long action version chambered for the. It took a couple of years, but now we have the Model chambered for the.

The rifle I was sent for evaluation was in.The term for a pair of dots above a vowel that serve to indicate a different pronunciation, the umlaut is used in Germanic languages, and always seems to add an oddly satisfying effect to a word.

For example, the simple addition of the proper umlaut can be the difference between talking about a boring but effective ride sharing app and sounding like a proper Bond supervillain. Although best known for their popular and long-lived rimfire rifles, the Anschutz is the latest in a recent spate of centerfire rifles produced by the year old rifle manufacturer, and is a scaled-down, short-action version of the Anschutz rifle chambered in. Intended for everything from deer to varmint hunting, the comes chambered in.

If none of the above options are of interest, like most small-scale European manufacturers, Anschutz will assemble a to your specification. Merely select a caliber, barreled action from either the -D or -DG optionsstock, and finally… trigger. That means starting off with an enclosed tubular receiver employing an ejection port rather than an open top.

This dramatically increases rigidity, and due to the tubular design there are no bolt raceways machined into the sidesreduces the machine operations required in manufacturing the receiver. The barrels themselves are cold-hammer forged and finished off with an degree crown, before the rifling and inner edge of the crown are lapped, just to ensure no tool marks remain. At the core of the action is a relatively unique six-lugged bolt.

The lugs themselves are arranged in the usual three-lugged layout, with a second row of smaller lugs position just aft of the primary locking lugs, giving the rifle both tremendous strength and good speed with a degree bolt throw. First off, there is obviously the stock itself. In the case of the Anschutz that means using a good oil finish that leaves the stock feeling very natural, and not overly polished literally; the finish is a nice semi-gloss.

In terms of shaping, the profile is very European, with a pronounced Monte Carlo curved comb and an oh-so-pretty Schnabel fore-end. And of course, like any decent modern rifle, the barrel is entirely free-floated inside the stock and quite generously too, we might add. And of course the quality of the metalwork is no different. The trigger guard is a meaty chunk of blued steel, the top of the receiver has been nicely milled in a matte-finished wave pattern to reduce glare a carryover from the Anschutz rifle that can be had with iron sights on the barreland everything just feels nice.

And the rear of the receiver is a work of art. Unloaded, our tester came in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces, which became almost 8. As a result, a European hunter will usually own less rifles than a North American hunter due to less need to have a varieties of rifles for the variety of game we enjoy herebut will place a greater importance on accuracy and quality than weight.

To get right down to it, we shot a selection of. Specifically calibrated for the Hornady grain VLD load, the CDS system takes into account the ballistics of a given round out of a given barrel, and allows the user to simply turn the custom-made elevation turret to reflect the range to target.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case in Canada, specific loads can be difficult to procure, and although we suspect the 1-in-9 twist barrel would have really excelled with more loads between and grains, finding. However, the gun still put up impressive numbers with both the Remington Premier Match grain loads that produced our aforementioned smallest group, as well as some surprisingly heavy grain Nosler Custom match ammunition that printed a group measuring just 0.Purity and quality - classically blued.

Securely mated to the stock for outstanding shooting performance. Sturdy and resistant to heat and cold. Highly-precise surfaces that display elegance in design and allow the bolt to slide internally without any resistance.

A reliable companion with unmatched precision and function - Timeless perfection! Hard-chromed bolt, fine-ground for silky-soft repeating. Two-row six locking lugs - a reliable, stable detail for the highest level of safety.

Extremely wide adjustment range for the two stage and trigger weight. The location in the riflfe with the decisive moment - 50 high-precision parts in harmony in the tighteste of spaces.

For a single task! The perfect harmonization between man and rifle. Unparalleled - There is nothing better. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber and the recessed muzzle. Many new models are incorporating the latest technology in manu. Hot Deals Advertise.

Anschütz 1782

Anschutz Classic Stock Go to Shop. Full Specification Brand Name : Anschutz. We are renewing our review system. Thanks for your understanding.

anschutz 1782 review

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